Putting the Stars on the Spot

3. Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois, Quarterback

Greeting: Welcome to the 3rd interview here on On The Hot Seat and today on the Hot Seat we have Northern Illinois quarterback and 2012 NFL draft prospect Chandler Harnish. Chandler Harnish has had a great career playing at Northern Illinois he has been honored in so many ways he was honered by being named the Vern Smith leadership award winner in 2010 and named 1st team-All MAC in 2010. Please enjoy the interview with Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish follow him on twitter at @CHarnish12.

Justin Godsey: How do you keep in contact with your fellow fans ?

Chandler Harnish: Many times through facebook and twitter, but also fans have my cell phone number and text me from time to time. i try to get together or sign autographs whenever i can. fans mean everything and its always fun to give back because they have been there for my team and i all the way along.

Justin Godsey: Growing up what team did you watch in the NCAA and NFL

Chandler Harnish: i dont really have a college team but i always remember watching notre dame games because they were always on nbc every weekend. i really enjoyed watching brady quinn through college as i was going to through my high school years. as for pro football, i have always been a colts fan. first, i love watching jim harbaugh and now have been a peyton manning fan ever since.

Justin Godsey: Who was your childhood Idol in the NFL ?

Chandler Harnish:  I have always loved Peyton Manning because of his consistent success and the way that he demands respect both on and off the field. a guy who never gets in trouble and does everything the right way.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School Football Career at Norwell High School ?

Chandler Harnish: In high school, i was very much a dual threat qb. didnt throw it as much as i did at NIU but my career success at Norwell High school was very similar to that of NIU: got better as time went on. went to the state championship my senior year, 14-0 at the time and lost the state game to end the season at 14-1.

Justin Godsey: You played Basketball at Norwell did you ever think of becoming a Pro Basketball player or Pro Football Player

Chandler Harnish: i never really thought in high school that i would go pro in any sport. had a great time playing those sports along with track and field but never thought anything would happen after college.

Justin Godsey: How emotional was it playing in your last game at Norwell

Chandler Harnish: It was pretty emotional but not terrible because i knew i still had another 4 years at NIU, i was already committed.

Justin Godsey: How does it feel being a Indiana All State player of the year

Chandler Harnish: Felt great to be an all state player because few players have ever done it from Norwell. very proud to represent my school and family name.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your College Recruitment

Chandler Harnish: NIU was the first school to really show interest during the process so i decided to commit there before my senior football season. Other schools recruiting me were Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, Toledo and Air Force.

Justin Godsey: After committing to Northern illinois what did your High School Coaches teach you that

Chandler Harnish: After committing to Northern illinois what did your High School Coaches teach you that will be in your mind through out your college and Pro Career.

Justin Godsey: Freshman year to Junior Year you were named starting quarterback by head coach Jerry Kill, how has he helped you out during his tenure.

Chandler Harnish: Coach Kill has been a huge part of my development process. along with my father, coach has really helped me turn into a man and understand the game of football at the collegiate level.  He tought he how to battle through pain and help the win in whatever measure that consisted of.

Justin Godsey: What did you think of former head coach’s Jerry Kill’s departure from Northern Illinois

Chandler Harnish: I was shocked at first and upset. but once i put myself in his shoes, it was really easy to empathize with him because he was making a financial decision to help his family for the rest of their lives.  i really dont blame him at all for the choices he made, i just wish we could have found out a better way when it all went down. (i found out from my older bro because he read it on a blog online).

Justin Godsey: You lead the Huskies a Bowl game in all 4 years and you are 2-2 overall in Bowls what was the most challenging team you played in a bowl game ?

Chandler Harnish: The South Florida Bulls , Jason Pierre Paul was at defensive end, and i believe they had 4 other players on defense get drafted that year. Incredibly athletic team that had a ton of momentum at the time.

Justin Godsey: This past year was your last year for the Huskies what is your all time greatest moment you will always remember at Northern Illinois?

Chandler Harnish: Plain and simply, winning the MAC championship. it had been 28 years since NIU had won its last MAC title so to relieve the pain of heartbreaking losses over the years was the most extraordinary feeling i could imagine.

Justin Godsey: Will you declare for this years NFL Draft ?

Chandler Harnish: yes sir

Justin Godsey: What advice can you give to up and coming Quarterbacks ?

Chandler Harnish: I would say that leadership is the key to being a successful qb, yea you have to have to talent but if you can have great huddle command and the respect of your teammates it will take you a long way.  confidence is the key to play the position well and you have to flirt with that line between arrogance and confidence. if you can do that successfully, you will most likely succeed.


— Personal Questions– 

Justin Godsey: What is on your ipod

Chandler Harnish: Little bit of everything, big sean, lil wayne, drake, also really like alternative like bruno mars, lifehouse, the script.

Justin Godsey: Why did you choose #12 as your jersey # of Choosing ?

Chandler Harnish: No clue, just have always liked the number and try to keep consistency everytime i move up.

Justin Godsey: Tom Brady or Eli Mannnig ?

Chandler Harnish: Both great QB’s but Tom Brady by a landslide, such a confident player that is so consistent.

Justin Godsey: Give us a Super Bowl Prediction

Chandler Harnish: New England Patriots 24, New York Giants 20


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