Putting the Stars on the Spot

4. CFL Interview: Jason Boltus (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

The interview with Jason Boltus of the CFL Hamilton Tiger-Cats is be converted from my old pro football blog that was made long ago and we are gonna post it on our website.

Greeting: Welcome back to On The Hot Seat, Today we have Jason Boltus of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats who plays quarterback in the CFL (Canadian Football League). Jason played college football at Hartwick College where he won the Melburger Award, from Hartwick College he was signed as a street free agent by the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Please enjoy the short interview I conducted with quarterback Jason Boltus. You can follow Jason on twitter at @JasonBoltus

Justin Godsey: What was your College Football Expierence like at Hartwick College ?

Jason Boltus:My college experience at Hartwick was amazing. I couldn’t have wrote a better story if i tried. I had the best coaches and the best teammates still talk to them often to this day. The family atmosphere that was developed from day one when I arrived on campus till the day I graduated was like no other. Hartwick is a very small school with about 1500 students so it wasn’t just the team that was a family it was like the whole community. The administrators, security guards, faculty, and other students you saw everyday. Everybody knew everybody which was something I loved about the school. Football though was just so much fun and I would recommend every QB if they want to throw the ball during their college career then go to Hartwick.

Justin Godsey: At Hartwick you served as both Quarterback and Punter for the team how hard was it managing 2 positions ?

Jason Boltus: Honestly doing both positions wasn’t bad at all. I committed to QB and studied that but punting just was something I was decent at and was another way I could contribute to the team. It was cool, defenses had to respect that I was the punter and had to be cautious because I could take off and run or throw at any point. Playing QB was were I had the most fun because you get to touch the ball every play and get a chance to make a difference.

Justin Godsey: From Hartwick you signed as a street free agent how did you feel about signing with the Tiger-Cats

Jason Boltus: When I signed with Hamilton Tiger-cats I was so excited. I was getting the chance to play professional football and continue my football career. This is something that I have dreamed about since I was a little kid growing up as does every kid. There is a small window of guys who get to play professional sports and I accomplished that so I was very happy. At the same time I knew the difference of just being happy to get there and wanting to push myself to be the best I can be. I want to keep learning and ultimately have the success that I had at Hartwick.

Justin Godsey: Do you plan on working yourself to the next level to the National Football League?

Jason Boltus:  I want to play at the highest level I am able to whether it be the CFL or the NFL. I am in the CFL right now so I am committed to being successful during my time there. I am constantly trying to get better and work my way to a starter in the CFL and just going to keep progressing as a QB and learning the CFL game and defenses.


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