Putting the Stars on the Spot

5. MLB Interview: Shane Loux (San Francisco Giants)


Greeting: Welcome back to On The Hot Seat, today we have former Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels and Houston Astros pitcher Shane Loux On The Hot Seat today. Shane was drafted back in 1997 out of Highland High School in Arizona by the Detroit Tigers. During his time in the Tigers organization he appeared in the major leagues in 2002 and 2003 before being traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim spending 2 years with the team, after he signed with the Houston Astros for a short time until currently finding himself in the San Francisco Giants organization. Please enjoy the interview with Shane Loux and follow him on twitter @shaneloux

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Justin Godsey:  How do  you stay connected with your fans

Shane Loux: Twitter has really helped me with this, i think everyone has benefitted from twitter. its fun to do give aways and answer questions from time to time, because i know what its like to follow someone that i am interested in.  during the season i also try to do as many signings or appearances as i can because i enjoy meeting true baseball fans and the people i see in the stands at every game.  im getting better at interacting with people the older i get, and i wish i took to it earlier in my career and realized how big of a part the fans play.

Justin Godsey: How did you get into playing baseball ?

Shane Loux: I have played baseball as far back as i could remember.  i have a picture my mom gave me in a uniform with a ball and bat at 18 months old, so i guess i can credit that as a start of sorts. Baseball was always the only sport i never ever got tired of, still to this day, i can be on a field all day long.

Justin Godsey: Growing up in South Dakota what baseball team/player did you grow up wanting to play for and wanting to be ?

Shane Loux: i was just born there, and my parents live there now, but i have no real history there.  my first baseball memories of games and teams were when we live in baltimore  we used to go to games at Memorial Stadium and i did everything i could do to be like Cal Ripken Jr.  he is still a hero of mine to this day.  and the older i get and the longer i play, his streak becomes even more and more impressive.
Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School Baseball Career
Shane Loux: It was a blast, i played with my best friends and we were really good.  couldnt really complain about much, my only regreat was never winning a state championship, we always fell one or two games short, but that hidnt stop us from having fun everyday on the field.
Justin Godsey:  In 1997 you were drafted out of High School by the Detroit Tigers how excited were you to start your road to the major leagues ?
Shane Loux: I didnt think i realized at the time what a road it would be. I just assumed that because i was a high round pick, it would be easy.  i wish i would have worked harder earlier in my career, but i regreat nothing because i wouldnt be better for it today.
Justin Godsey: After a few years in the minors in 2002 you found your way up to the major leagues with the Tigers and pitched 3 games what player really tested your strength on the mound?

Shane Loux: I gave up my first homer run to Torii Hunter in my first game and another in my third game. I hated him for that until we became teammates in Anaheim. He is truely one of the best people i have ever met and quite an example to men everywhere.
Justin Godsey: In 2003 you saw action again in the MLB but after you will spend several years in the minor leagues until 2008 you were trade to the Angels how hard was it leaving the Tigers to the Angels ?
Shane Loux: I was let go by Detroit and spent a year rehabbing an elbow surgery, then i was with Kansas City for a year, then sat out a year before signing with the Angels. No trade anywhere. i liked Detroit then, but didnt really know any better.  at the time i didnt realized that we really werent treated like men, we were very sheltered and they had alot of rules that i came find out werent he norm.  when i got to Anaheim, I found out how a first class operation was run and what its like when the respect goes both ways. with Detroit, I didnt feel a mutual respect.
Justin Godsey: What player in the Angels bullpen helped you with your pitching mechanics ?
Shane Loux: Mechanics are to each their own. A couple of my fav players in anaheim were Darren Oliver and Justin Speier.  complete opposite personalities with each being able to offer so much. another fav was Brian Fuentes, he was the perfect model for learning how to be consistant thru the good and bad times, at home or on the road and in the clubhouse or on the field.
Justin Godsey: From the Angels you had a short time with the Houston Astros tell us about your time with the Astros ?
Shane Loux: The Houston Astro year wasnt really a great year. I didnt make the team out of spring, i had to have a knee surgery and tried to come back to soon which cause a lack of productivity and ended up having a bad year. I did make some great friends and enjoyed Texas thou.
Justin Godsey: This upcoming season you find yourself playing for the San Francisco Giants what are we to expect out of you in 2012 ?
Shane Loux: The same as 2011.  Im going to be the guy who is always ready if the phone rings from SF. im going to start every 5 days with no questions asked, im going to give you all I have and keep the team in the game for 7 or 8 innings. I am a zero maintinece guy that out works 99 percent of the guys and enjoys the game. I understand that im behind the best rotation in baseball, but i also believe that if they need a fill in for any reason at all, that I can step in and give them consistant work just as i have done in the past.
Justin Godsey: What advice can you give to HS and College pitchers wanting to pitch in the Majors ?
Shane Loux: Out work people so when you are done playing you can look in the mirror and honestly know that you gave it all you had and that there wasnt much else you could have done to be better. you have to completley dedicate yourself to the game to give yourself your best chance at succeeding. Im just sorry that it took me 10 years in the game before I realized this.
Personal Questions
Justin Godsey: Where do you clock at ?
Shane Loux: Between 87-94 mph
Justin Godsey: What pitches do you throw?
Shane Loux: Sinker, Cutter, Curve, Change
Justin Godsey: What is on your Ipod ?
Shane Loux: Classic Country, Hard Rock and a few club beats to workout.
Justin Godsey: Do you play the MLB Video Games, If you do you you play as yourself and lead your player as the best in the game?
Shane Loux: I have in the past, my goal was always to be a world series hero and cy young winner and lead the league in innings, for me, it just turned out that i do it on a video game instead.
Justin Godsey: What other Sports Teams do you support ?
Shane Loux: I like other players more than teams Bubba Watson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, Tiger Woods, Tony Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, Torii Hunter just to name a few.

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