Putting the Stars on the Spot

6. MLS Interview: Zac MacMath (Philadelphia Union)


Greeting: Welcome back to On The Hot Seat, Today I interviewed Philadelphia Union Goalkeeper Zac MacMath. Zac was drafted by the Philadelphia Union in the 2011 MLS Draft where he was picked 5th overall out of Maryland. Zac debuted for the Union last year vs Real Salt Lake replacing then injured player Faryd Mondragon, he is currently the starting goalkeeper for the Union. Please keep follow Zac on twitter at @ZacMacMath.

Justin Godsey: How do you stay connected with your fans ?

Zac MacMath: I use both Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with fans. I try my best to always respond or reach out and help fans when they reach out to me.

Justin Godsey: How did you get into playing Soccer ?

Zac MacMath: My dad played soccer at Penn State, I tried all sports when I was younger but always had the most passion for soccer.

Justin Godsey: Growing up in Florida what Soccer teams did you grow up watching

Zac MacMath: I went to a lot of Tampa Bay Mutiny games as a kid. Watching soccer on TV was hard to do unless it was the World Cup.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School Soccer career

Zac MacMath:  I only played high school soccer for 1 year, switching positions between goalkeeper, forward, and center back. After my freshman year, I got invited to the U17 Residency program and finished high school there.

Justin Godsey: Why did you decide to play Goal Keeper

Zac MacMath: I actually loved playing on the field. When it came to tryouts for ODP, my dad thought I would have a better chance at goalkeeper, and I made it. I usually practiced as a field player most days of the week and goalkeeper only once or twice. Eventually I had to stick to goalkeeping.

Justin Godsey: You went to the Universtiy of Maryland you won many awards what kind of awards did you win and what do the awards mean to you?

Zac MacMath: I won a few different awards at UMD. Don’t really remember all of their names but all of them meant a lot to me. Obviously playing in the ACC is very tough and to be recognized was nice.

Justin Godsey: On January 11th you were drafted 5th overall by the Philadelphia Union what was your reaction to making it to the big time.

Zac MacMath: It was a dream come true. I was extremely excited to start my pro career in Philly. I had a few different expectations about being a professional soccer player and I was just excited to see what it was like.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your debut against Real Salt Lake on September 3rd

Zac MacMath: Our number 1 keeper, Mondi, broke his finger in the first half, they didn’t know if he was going to continue in the game. About 5 minutes before the half started, they told me I would be going in. It was kind of shocking, I just did my best to be calm and help my team get back in the game.

Justin Godsey: What player on the Philadelphia Union helped you get situated in with the club ?

Zac MacMath: There were a few players that helped me get situated. I think Amobi Okugo and Jack Mcinerney helped me most.

Justin Godsey: In 2010, You led the US. U-20 Mens National team to a Milk Cup Championship how does it feel winning the championship.

Zac MacMath: Winning any championship is special. Winning the milk cup was awesome. It’s one of the best known youth tournaments in the world and winning with the national team was awesome.

Justin Godsey: How has coach Rob Vartughian help step your game up ?

Zac MacMath: Rob has been an amazing asset to me. Throughout college, and then my rookie season, helping me physically, mentally, and as a goalkeeper, Rob has helped a ton. He is not only a great coach, but great person and always helped me with anything I needed.

Justin Godsey: Lets leave our readers with this what are we to expect from Zach MacMath in 2012 ?

Zac MacMath: Hope to help the Philadelphia Union to another playoff berth in 2012.


–Personal Questions–

Justin Godsey: What is your favorite Pre-Game Meal ?

Zac MacMath: Chicken, Pasta, and Veggies works for me.

Justin Godsey: What is on your Ipod ?

Zac MacMath: Usually listen to a few different radio stations on Pandora. Dynamite and Sugar Ray being my top two.

Justin Godsey: Do you play the Fifa Games? If so do you have a player created as yourself to be the best Goal Keeper?

Zac MacMath: I do not play fifa, or video games really at all.

Justin Godsey: What other sports team’s do you support ?

Zac MacMath: I support all sports at the University of Maryland. I also support the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Eagles.


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