Putting the Stars on the Spot

7. CFL Interview: Shawn Gore (BC Lions)


Greeting: Welcome back to On The Hot Seat, Today I had the opportunity to interview Canadian Football League’s Shawn Gore who is a member of the 2011 Grey Cup champions BC Lions. Gore is a Toronto native he grew up in the Toronto area playing both football and hockey. In his college years Gore attended Bishop’s University where he played all 4 years until he tryed out for the Green Bay Packers in 2010 until returning home to play for the BC Lions in the CFL. Please enjoy the interview with Shawn Green and please follow Shawn on Twitter at @SGore85.

Justin Godsey: How do you stay connected with fellow BC Lions Football Fans ?

Shawn Gore: I’m often involved with community programs which help me get out and meet our fans, twitter is also a tool i used to stay connected with the lion faithful but i haven’t been tweeting much recently.

Justin Godsey: How did you get into playing football ?

Shawn Gore: I first started playing football in summer leagues because my high school did not have a team. I played rugby and basketball at Don Mills collegiate until i decided to switch school for grade 12 to play football.

Justin Godsey: Growing up in Canada did you play Hockey at all or was Football your main passion ?

Shawn Gore: Of coarse, you have to play some good ol’ hockey if your canadian.  I played in an organized ice hockey league for two years, it was a lot of fun but I was a little more drawn to sports that were played in some warmer temperatures.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School Football Career ?

Shawn Gore: My highschool football career was not very lengthy as I started in grd. 12, I played two summer league seasons before starting highschool ball.  When I started I was far from the best player on the feild but I working hard and found myself continuing the game in university.

Justin Godsey: From High School tell us about your Football career at Bishop’s University ?

Shawn Gore: I played with the Bishop’s Gaiters for four years. I was lucky enough to start every game I played for the school and even luckier to play with some great teamates, five who I still play with on the Lions.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your style of play?

Shawn Gore: I see myself as a fast physical football player, I love being out there and enjoy the competition.

Justin Godsey: When you signed with the Green Bay Packers give us your reaction by making it to there team ?

Shawn Gore: I thought it was a prank at first, not many athletes make the jump from CIS to an NFL camp. So I thought that it was possibly a friend trying to pull my leg, i soon found out that it was not.

Justin Godsey: When you came to the Packers what player helped you get situated in during your time there ?

Shawn Gore: There are a lot of great character guys on the team who help the younger players out, Greg Jennings and Donald driver help me out during practice to improve my game.

Justin Godsey: After a small tenure with the Packers you were released by the Packers how emotional was it for you to leave the Packers ?

Shawn Gore: I’m not sure that emotional is the right word. As a football player you consistently face set backs and negative outcomes, in games and during careers as a whole but we are built to keep pushing and not let a defeat hold you back or define you. You use it as a learning tool and motivation for what you want to accomplish. So yes its disappointing but I don’t let it effect me emotionally very much because I always believe that I’ll do better next time.

Justin Godsey: After a short tenure with Green Bay, You signed with your home country’s team CFL’s BC Lions how excited were you to come home and play football.

Shawn Gore: Well I’m from Toronto and had never been to British Columbia so it didn’t feel much like home. I was happy and grateful to get the opportunity to play professional football and all I wanted to do was succeed.

Justin Godsey: This past season you won the GREY CUP with the BC Lions how did it feel winning the Cup ?

Shawn Gore: It’s hard to describe all the feelings because you put so much work into it, all my years of training and hard work got me to a point that I could help my team compete for the Championship.  I had never won a championship before the Grey Cup so I felt that it was overdue. Winning the grey cup was being able to live out my favorite dream.

Justin Godsey: What does being a BC Lion mean to you ?

Shawn Gore: It means a lot to be a Lion, I love the Team, Fans, and City. I am now spending my off-season here in Vancouver instead of going back home to Toronto.  I feel welcomed in Bc and I love it.


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