Putting the Stars on the Spot

14. NCAA Interview: Alfred Morris (Florida Atlantic Owls)

Justin Godsey: Welcome back fans to On The Hot Seat. Today I had the opportunity to interview Florida Atlantic running back and current NFL prospect Alfred Morris. Morris growing up was a Florida native, he grew up watching NFL teams like the Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins at a young age. When he reached his High School days he played on both sides of the ball offensively as a running back and defensively as a linebacker. After his High School years came to a close he was recuruted by Florida Atlantic University and played running back during his tenure. His 1st full season with the team Morris lead the Sun Belt in rushing yards. This past season was his final season with FAU due to him wanting to pursue his NFL career please follow Alfred Morris on Twitter at @trey_duces and please do the same for us @OTHSInterviews and “LIKE” us on Facebook. Please Listen to the Audio interview with Alfred link is right below.

Full Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48Qaa-k0CUk


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