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22. NFL Interview: Giavanni Ruffin

Greeting: Welcome back everyone to On The Hot Seat, today I had the opprotunity to interview former East Carolina Pirates running back and current NFL free agent Giavanni Ruffin. Ruffin spoke with me for a little bit about his time as a kid what player he grew admiring we got into a little bit about his high school football career and a little bit about his time at ECU. Please enjoy my live interview with Giavanni Ruffin.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0QNGahtNXY


20.MLB Interview: Kellen Moen (Kansas City Royals)

Greeting: Welcome back to On The Hot Seat, today I had the opprotunity to interview former Oregon Ducks pitcher and current Kansas City Royals prospect Kellen Moen. Moen was introduced to baseball at the age of 2 when his father introduced him to the sport. Growing up in Alaska he grew up watching the Chicago Cubs and his favorite MLB player Greg Maddux. Going through his High School days Kellen played in Alaska for a year until his parents have decided to move to California. Please follow Kellen’s story from Oregon to the majors please read the interview. http://www.facebook.com/OnTheHotSeathttps://twitter.com/#!/TheJustinGodsey.

Justin Godsey: How do you stay connected with your fans ?

Kellen Moen: I don’t consider myself someone who has a giant fan base so keeping in touch with my fans is fairly easy.  They will often just reach me on Facebook and i’m always glad to have their support.

Justin Godsey: Who introduced you to the sport of baseball ?

Kellen Moen: My father, Randall Moen,  introduced me to HOW to play baseball.  My father says when I was two years old, living on the campus of Yale, I used to drag a giant, red plastic bat around along with a ball and keep myself busy for hours.

Justin Godsey: Growing up in California what LA team did you watch Angels or Dodgers ?

Kellen Moen: For some reason once I got to pro ball everyone assumed I grew up in California.  I actually grew up in Juneau, Alaska (17 years) before moving to California.  Our television growing up consisted of only basic cable so the only games  I could watch were on WGN and TBS.  I have always favored watching the NL teams so I tended to cling to the Cubs and Braves.  I definitely preferred the Cubs because of entertainment of such broadcasters as Harry Caray, Chip Caray and Steve Stone.

Justin Godsey: Who was your favorite player growing up ?

Kellen Moen: Greg Maddux

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School Baseball Career ?

Kellen Moen: My freshman year was spent playing in Juneau, Alaska.  Because of the geography of Southeast, Alaska travel becomes very difficult and expensive.  We flew Alaska Airlines to every team we played ( teams consisted of Ketchikan and Sitka, Alaska)  After my freshman year my family and I moved to California.  I played baseball at Palos Verdes Peninsula High for three years.  Coming from Alaska I was expecting the California talent to be outstanding.  It was good but I didn’t have trouble fitting in.

Justin Godsey: What was your recruiting process like ?

Kellen Moen: Out of high school I had a grand total of zero scholarship offers.  I was recruited by one division II school (Cal Poly Pomona) and I would have committed to them but during my phone call with their coach we were interpreted while he was talking to me about bringing me out to campus and offering me a scholarship.  The coach told me to hold on for a second and he would call me back– never happened.  I ended up going to the local JC, El Camino College.  I instantly became great friends with the head coach, Nate Fernley.  To this day Fernley stands as my favorite/best coach I have ever had.  After my first year at El Camino I received two scholarship offers from Division I teams: UC Irvine and BYU.  I ended up turning both of them to return to El Camino to play for Coach Fernley.  Going into my second year at El Camino I was invited to pitch in the So. Cal JC All-Star game.  I threw against 5 batters and within the week I had 25 Division I schools call me.

Justin Godsey: Why did you choose Oregon as your college of choosing ?

Kellen  Moen: Oregon is the happy medium between Juneau, AK and So Cal; weather wise as well as population.  I loved the facilities and the fact that the school had a great football team and a competitive basketball team.

 Justin Godsey: Give us your feeling when you were 1st on the mound in Eugene ?

Kellen Moen: My first outing was my Junior year against Washington.  I came in out of the pen and threw (dont quote me on this) 3+ innings, 0 runs and only 1 hit.  I only threw about 5 innings that year so that was the highlight.

Justin Godsey: How is the environment in Eugene ?

Kellen Moen: Eugene could be the best city ever if… it didn’t rain so much.  The town is 100% a college town.  Without the school Eugene would be the worst city ever.  All the students are very laid back and are generally willing to meet new people without judging.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your experience at Oregon ?

Kellen Moen: College has been the best experience of my life.  The school was awesome. I met a handful of life long friends.  I got lucky with our football team being so great for the years I were there ( we never lost at home) I wish I could stay forever.

Justin Godsey: Last your your dream came true and you were drafted to a team who has the best Farm System in Baseball the KC Royals how excited are you to play for the Royals.

Kellen Moen: I was very excited to play for the Royals.  Honestly, the Royals were probably the team in the MLB that I know about the least.  After meeting all the coaches and GM, Ass. GM I realized that I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by people that truly care about my being.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your 1st professional game on the mound as a member of the KC Royals Farm System ?

Kellen Moen: My first experience was one to remember.  I believe I threw 1/3 of an inning and I think i gave up 4 or 5 runs.  I couldn’t get anyone out pretty much my whole first short season.

Justin Godsey: What are you working on currently to prepare yourself for the upcoming season ?

Kellen Moen: After short season I was invited to Instructional League.  I threw very well during this time and the reason was I kept my fastball down, didn’t over throw my curveball and threw a very good split/change with confidence.

Justin Godsey: What are we to expect from you in 2012 ?

Kellen Moen: I would expect to see my out of the pen in a similar role to what I did at Oregon.  I would expect about an average of 3 mph on my fastball along with a more consistent curveball.  I truly believe my future depends on split.  Hitters do not recognize it very well and it has the movement to be able to make a mistake with it.

18. NCAA Interview: Andrew Gay (Dartmouth Big Green)

Greeting: Welcome back to On The Hot Seat, Today I had the opportunity to interview Sophmore quarterback Andrew Gay of the Dartmouth Big Green football team. Andrew started playing football at a young age where he grew up watching the Seattle Seahawks and admiring his favorite quarterbacks Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts. Going into his High School football days Andrew was named Team Captain of his High School football team before taking his talents to college. Andy was scouted by many D-1 schools such as Boise St., Oregon St. and Washington but chose Dartmouth do to great academics. Please enjoy my interview with Andrew Gay quarterback of the Dartmouth Big Green football team and please follow Andy on Twitter at @andygay7.

Please Listen to the Exclusive Interview with Andrew Gay here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYRjjxIh02E

14. NCAA Interview: Alfred Morris (Florida Atlantic Owls)

Justin Godsey: Welcome back fans to On The Hot Seat. Today I had the opportunity to interview Florida Atlantic running back and current NFL prospect Alfred Morris. Morris growing up was a Florida native, he grew up watching NFL teams like the Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins at a young age. When he reached his High School days he played on both sides of the ball offensively as a running back and defensively as a linebacker. After his High School years came to a close he was recuruted by Florida Atlantic University and played running back during his tenure. His 1st full season with the team Morris lead the Sun Belt in rushing yards. This past season was his final season with FAU due to him wanting to pursue his NFL career please follow Alfred Morris on Twitter at @trey_duces and please do the same for us @OTHSInterviews and “LIKE” us on Facebook. Please Listen to the Audio interview with Alfred link is right below.

Full Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48Qaa-k0CUk

3. Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois, Quarterback

Greeting: Welcome to the 3rd interview here on On The Hot Seat and today on the Hot Seat we have Northern Illinois quarterback and 2012 NFL draft prospect Chandler Harnish. Chandler Harnish has had a great career playing at Northern Illinois he has been honored in so many ways he was honered by being named the Vern Smith leadership award winner in 2010 and named 1st team-All MAC in 2010. Please enjoy the interview with Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish follow him on twitter at @CHarnish12.

Justin Godsey: How do you keep in contact with your fellow fans ?

Chandler Harnish: Many times through facebook and twitter, but also fans have my cell phone number and text me from time to time. i try to get together or sign autographs whenever i can. fans mean everything and its always fun to give back because they have been there for my team and i all the way along.

Justin Godsey: Growing up what team did you watch in the NCAA and NFL

Chandler Harnish: i dont really have a college team but i always remember watching notre dame games because they were always on nbc every weekend. i really enjoyed watching brady quinn through college as i was going to through my high school years. as for pro football, i have always been a colts fan. first, i love watching jim harbaugh and now have been a peyton manning fan ever since.

Justin Godsey: Who was your childhood Idol in the NFL ?

Chandler Harnish:  I have always loved Peyton Manning because of his consistent success and the way that he demands respect both on and off the field. a guy who never gets in trouble and does everything the right way.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School Football Career at Norwell High School ?

Chandler Harnish: In high school, i was very much a dual threat qb. didnt throw it as much as i did at NIU but my career success at Norwell High school was very similar to that of NIU: got better as time went on. went to the state championship my senior year, 14-0 at the time and lost the state game to end the season at 14-1.

Justin Godsey: You played Basketball at Norwell did you ever think of becoming a Pro Basketball player or Pro Football Player

Chandler Harnish: i never really thought in high school that i would go pro in any sport. had a great time playing those sports along with track and field but never thought anything would happen after college.

Justin Godsey: How emotional was it playing in your last game at Norwell

Chandler Harnish: It was pretty emotional but not terrible because i knew i still had another 4 years at NIU, i was already committed.

Justin Godsey: How does it feel being a Indiana All State player of the year

Chandler Harnish: Felt great to be an all state player because few players have ever done it from Norwell. very proud to represent my school and family name.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your College Recruitment

Chandler Harnish: NIU was the first school to really show interest during the process so i decided to commit there before my senior football season. Other schools recruiting me were Indiana, Purdue, Michigan State, Toledo and Air Force.

Justin Godsey: After committing to Northern illinois what did your High School Coaches teach you that

Chandler Harnish: After committing to Northern illinois what did your High School Coaches teach you that will be in your mind through out your college and Pro Career.

Justin Godsey: Freshman year to Junior Year you were named starting quarterback by head coach Jerry Kill, how has he helped you out during his tenure.

Chandler Harnish: Coach Kill has been a huge part of my development process. along with my father, coach has really helped me turn into a man and understand the game of football at the collegiate level.  He tought he how to battle through pain and help the win in whatever measure that consisted of.

Justin Godsey: What did you think of former head coach’s Jerry Kill’s departure from Northern Illinois

Chandler Harnish: I was shocked at first and upset. but once i put myself in his shoes, it was really easy to empathize with him because he was making a financial decision to help his family for the rest of their lives.  i really dont blame him at all for the choices he made, i just wish we could have found out a better way when it all went down. (i found out from my older bro because he read it on a blog online).

Justin Godsey: You lead the Huskies a Bowl game in all 4 years and you are 2-2 overall in Bowls what was the most challenging team you played in a bowl game ?

Chandler Harnish: The South Florida Bulls , Jason Pierre Paul was at defensive end, and i believe they had 4 other players on defense get drafted that year. Incredibly athletic team that had a ton of momentum at the time.

Justin Godsey: This past year was your last year for the Huskies what is your all time greatest moment you will always remember at Northern Illinois?

Chandler Harnish: Plain and simply, winning the MAC championship. it had been 28 years since NIU had won its last MAC title so to relieve the pain of heartbreaking losses over the years was the most extraordinary feeling i could imagine.

Justin Godsey: Will you declare for this years NFL Draft ?

Chandler Harnish: yes sir

Justin Godsey: What advice can you give to up and coming Quarterbacks ?

Chandler Harnish: I would say that leadership is the key to being a successful qb, yea you have to have to talent but if you can have great huddle command and the respect of your teammates it will take you a long way.  confidence is the key to play the position well and you have to flirt with that line between arrogance and confidence. if you can do that successfully, you will most likely succeed.


— Personal Questions– 

Justin Godsey: What is on your ipod

Chandler Harnish: Little bit of everything, big sean, lil wayne, drake, also really like alternative like bruno mars, lifehouse, the script.

Justin Godsey: Why did you choose #12 as your jersey # of Choosing ?

Chandler Harnish: No clue, just have always liked the number and try to keep consistency everytime i move up.

Justin Godsey: Tom Brady or Eli Mannnig ?

Chandler Harnish: Both great QB’s but Tom Brady by a landslide, such a confident player that is so consistent.

Justin Godsey: Give us a Super Bowl Prediction

Chandler Harnish: New England Patriots 24, New York Giants 20

2. Randy Bullock, Kicker, Texas A&M Aggies

Greeting: Hello everyone to the 2nd interview here on On The Hot Seat and today we have kicker Randy Bullock of the Texas A&M Aggies and he is taking time out of his busy time to come on and do answer some of our questions that we have sent him and without further a due here is the interview with Randy Bullock make sure to follow him on twitter at @randybullock28 


Justin Godsey: How do you interact with your fellow Texas A&M fans?

Randy Bullock: I connect with A&M fans by signing autographs and talking to them every chance I get. Texas A&M students and alumni love Aggie Football. We have the best fans in the country.

Justin Godsey: Growing up what was your favorite College and Pro Football Team you watched while growing up ?

Randy Bullock: Growing up I loved watching Texas A&M. I have been an Aggie my entire life. I spent every Thanksgiving growing up glued to the tv watching the Aggies play the Longhorns. I also loved watching the New Orleans Saints. My family would always surprise me with saints tickets for my birthday.

Justin Godsey: Who did you grow up admiring in the National Football League

Randy Bullock: Growing up I loved watching Deon Sanders. He’s a great athlete. Any time he was on the field a big play was bound to happen.

Justin Godsey:  Lets jump right into High School Football, Did you play other positions in HS other than Kicker if so hard was it playing 2 positions?

Randy Bullock: I pretty much only kicked in high school. I played fullback but we had a really good back in front of me on the depth chart so I only got limited reps but I really enjoyed it.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your Senior Year, How emotional was it playing in final game

Randy Bullock: I saved my best year for my last. My goal was to make sure I didn’t have any regrets when I walked off the field for the last time wearing an Aggie jersey. My last game was very emotional. Our last game was our bowl game which was actually in my hometown of Houston. I had all my family and friends there. It was great. It hit me at the end of the third quarter that my time in an Aggie jersey was coming to the end. I got goosebumps hearing the Aggie War Hymn for the last time.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your College Football Recruitment?

Randy Bullock: Recruit was fun for me. I had several offers to choose from but the decision was easy for me when A&M offer. Texas A&M was my dream school. There was no way I was going to turn down their offer. I remember it like it was yesterday when they called me to tell me to come by before the game that they had something special for it. My mom cried she was so happy for me.

Justin Godsey: Why did you choose Texas A&M over colleges like Rice, San Diego State, LSU and Florida

Randy Bullock: I chose A&M because I always wanted to go to school there. I grew up a huge Aggie fan. My brother also went to school there. It was great that my mom and brother had the opportunity to go to all of my games.

Justin Godsey: Were you nervous when you 1st hit the field at Kyle Field ?

Randy Bullock: Absolutely. My first start was against Kansas State my freshman year. I was nervous but excited. It was awesome to play for the 12th man for the last 4 years.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your Sophmore year and your Bowl game vs Georgia?

Randy Bullock: My sophomore was up and down. I had a back injury early in the season that played through. We ended up going to the Independence Bowl that year. We play Georgia. That was my first game against an SEC team. It was a great experience. I’m looking forward to watching my team play in the SEC next season.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your Junior Year at Texas A&M and also the Cotton Bowl vs LSU ?

Randy Bullock: My junior year started slow but I had a great year. I had mono for most of the summer. I scouts,ky wasn’t cleared to work out and practice until the day before two a days. It made it very difficult for me to prepare for the season. I didn’t hit full stride until about the fourth or fifth game of the season. The Cotton Bowl was a lot of fun. They treat you great there. You get all kinds of gear. It was the beat bowl experience I had while playing at Texas A&M.

Justin Godsey: This past year was your last year in Texas A&M how emotional were you in your last game at Kyle Field vs The Texas Longhorns ?

Randy Bullock: I was emotional at times. It was hard not to be emotional on senior night. I will never forget getting my name called and running out that last time. Our last game against TU made it even more emotional. That was the last time we will play Texas for a long time since we made the move to the SEC.

Justin Godsey: How has Special Teams coach Nick Toth help you prepare to head to the next level ?
Randy Bullock: Coach Toth has helped me a lot. We have stayed in touch since my last game. He was an awesome guy to play for. He really had a passion for coaching and helping guys get better. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help.
Justin Godsey: Alright Randy, In the upcoming NFL Draft what team do you really want to go to
Randy Bullock: I really don’t have a preference I just want an opportunity to play somewhere. Whoever decides to pick me up will be pleased. I have been working hard to get ready for the NFL. I can’t wait for the opportunity to play on Sundays.
– Personal Questions–
Justin Godsey: What is your favorite pre game meal before a game?
Randy Bullock: I don’t really have a favorite pregame meal. I usually had some chicken and some pasta but not very much. I eat very light on game days.
Justin Godsey: Do you play NCAA Football Video Games? If you do, do you have a player created as yourself that you work with to be the best ?
Randy Bullock: I don’t play video games much anymore. I’m always busy with school or football. I played NCAA a lot growing up though. I always created myself as a running back or quarterback. I always wanted  my guy to have the ball in his hands haha.
Justin Godsey: What is on your Music Player ?
Randy Bullock: I listen to a lot of county music and some rap. I love Texas Country music. My favorite artists are Casey Donahew and Kevin Fowler.
(Randy’s Final Send off): I am very close to my family. I would be where I am today without them. They have been my biggest supporters from the start of my career. They are just as excited as I am about my opportunity to play in the National Football League.