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19. NFL Interview: Thaddeus Lewis (Cleveland Browns)

Greetings: Welcome back to On The Hot Seat, today I had the opportunity to interview former Duke Blue Devil and current Cleveland Browns quarterback Thaddeus Lewis. Thaddeus was introduced to the sport of football by his older brother who was playing quarterback and ever since Thaddeus saw his brother he has always wanted to follow in his foot steps. Growing up Thaddeus became the Varsity quarterback for his team during his 4 years of  High School before committing to his Alma Mater Duke University. Thaddeus played quarterback for Duke form 2006-2009 and there he set records for most passing yards and passing touchdowns. Lewis, after his tenure with the Blue Devils, found himself declaring for the 2010 NFL Draft but went undrafted. Thaddeus later signed as a undrafted free agent with the Rams where he played for a short tenure, Thaddeus currently plays for the Browns and hopes to see some playing time in 2012. Please enjoy the interview please follow Thaddeus on Twitter @ t_lew9.

Justin Godsey: How do you stay connected with your fans ?

Thaddeus Lewis: Well I just got on twitter so I hope to stay connected through that.

Justin Godsey: Who Introduced you to the sport of football ?

Thaddeus Lewis:  My older brother(Nakia) played football and I wanted to do everything he did so I would say him.

Justin Godsey: Growing up in Florida did you ever have a dream on becoming the quarterback of the Dolphins or Jaguars ?

Thaddeus Lewis:  Never had dreams of becoming the quarterback of neither team.

Justin Godsey: Growing up what football player played a big inspiration on you to become a NFL Athlete ?

Thaddeus Lewis: I would say just watching football in general and playing QB.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School Football Experience ?

Thaddeus Lewis: High school was fun I was a 4 year starter on varsity at QB made it to the final quarter finals. 

Justin Godsey: Your senior year at Miami Lakes High School you led your team to the playoffs tell us about your playoff experience ?

Thaddeus Lewis: Playoffs were fun but didn’t make it to the state championship so felt like we failed. 

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your College Recruitment to Duke ?

Thaddeus Lewis: One day in practice duke came out to practice and offered me but visiting the campus won me over and meeting the people there. 

Justin Godsey: Why was Duke your college of choosing and what other colleges really pursued you ?

Thaddeus Lewis: I picked duke because I thought about life after football as people would say plan B. But other schools that recruited me tough were Pitt, South Florida, and TCU.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your 1st game as a member of the Blue Devils ?

Thaddeus Lewis: First game I was very nervous I actually called the play but forgot the routes but I got hit and threw the ball away and all the butterflys went away and I didn’t look back since.

Justin Godsey: Tell us a little more about your time at Duke ?

Thaddeus Lewis: Time a Duke was cool I mean its college its the best 4 years of your life. 

Justin Godsey: You hold records for most Passing Touchdowns and Passing Yards at Duke how does it feel being a record holder on such a prestigious school ?

Thaddeus Lewis: Feels good to be a record holder and have something to look back on and say those are the things I accomplished in college. But records are made to be broken who knows some one might come alone and break mind. 

Justin Godsey: Do you have a bestfriend at Duke ?

Thaddeus Lewis: Yes Leon Wright he was my roommate for 4 years. 

Justin Godsey: How hard was it leaving Duke University to pursue your NFL Career ?

Thaddeus Lewis: Not hard at all ultimately my goal was to pursue a NFL career and duke prepared me for that. 

Justin Godsey: You went Undrafted in 2010 but later signed with the St. Louis Rams tell us about your tenure with the Rams ?

Thaddeus Lewis: I loved St Louis was grateful that they gave me an opportunity and I’m truly humble for my time there. 

Justin Godsey: After a short tenure with the Rams, you signed with the Cleveland Browns tell us about the move to Cleveland ?

Thaddeus Lewis: I got released and cleveland pick me up off waivers so it was a quick transition had to start studying clevelands playbook. 

Justin Godsey: How are Colt McCoy and veteran qb Seneca Wallace really helping you step your game up ?

Thaddeus Lewis: ust being a competitor and wanting to contribute to your team drives me and I know if something were to happen to both those guys I would have to be ready to step in and play well.

Justin Godsey: What are we to expect from you in 2012!

Thaddeus Lewis: I’m gonna work hard this offseason and compete and be ready for whatever opportunity presents its self this year.