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16. UFC Interview: “The Immortal” Matt Brown

Greeting: Welcome back fans to On The Hot Seat, Today I had the opportunity to interview UFC fighter Matt “The Immortal” Brown. Brown has one very inspiring stories and he opened up to me and told me about his drug addiction to finding his way to getting his shot at becoming a professional fighter in the octagon. Please read the interview with Matt Brown, you can contact Matt on Twitter at @IamTheImmortal.

Justin Godsey: How do you stay connected with your fans ?

Matt Brown: Twitter and Facebook usually. If their are any other ways I will gladly do them too.

Justin Godsey: Tell us how you got into fighting ?

 Matt Brown: Tried it a few times, without training, enjoyed it, so I just went at it hard as I could and here I am now.

Justin Godsey: Before jumping into your MMA Career, You took a path to drugs and alcohol addiction why did you walk down that path you did to the party lifestyle ?

Matt Brown: Looking back I can realize that the reason I did what I did was simply a lack of goals and focus in my life. At that time of my life (young and dumb) I didn’t feel any ambition or desire to do anything special with my life. I just lived day to day and didn’t care if there was a tomorrow.

Justin Godsey: How did you fight your way out of the partying lifestyle ?

Matt Brown: MMA got me out of it. It gave me a reason not to go party, a reason not to drink, snort, inject, or whatever. It gave me something I love enough to quit.

Justin Godsey: How did you get your nickname “The Immortal” ?

Matt Brown: Originally, a few friends joked about it after I overdosed on heroin and had a few other brushes with death. I got it tattooed on my stomach as a reminder of what I was and what I can be. It was never a MMA nickname until I had a fight at a local club and the promoter used it as my nickname. I didn’t want it to be my nickname but everyone started calling me Immortal anyway so I use it now.

Justin Godsey: Who introduced you to MMA ?

Matt Brown: A friend of mine named Joe Herald gave me a VHS of one of the first UFC’s. I can’t remember the exact one but I know it had Tank Abbott because I idolized him and Royce for a while after that until I watched the Pride fight between Royce and Sakaraba.

Justin Godsey: You got your big shot at a UFC career by making the Ultimate Fighter Griffin vs Rampage. How has Griffin step your game up during your time on the show ?

Matt Brown: Forrest showed us what it’s like to live the lifestyle of a pro. We all trained hard before that, but Forrest took it to a new level and pushed us harder than most of us had been pushed before. He also brought in great coaches regularly to show us high level guys in different aspects of mma to make us all realize how much we sucked.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your fighting style ?

Matt Brown: Muay Thai and boxing is my foundation. I have worked very hard and focused a lot on other aspects of my game over the years.

Justin Godsey: Who do you currently train with ?

Matt Brown: Westside Barbell, Ohio RTC, Iron Tiger, Ronin Training Center, and Throwdown Training Center.

Justin Godsey: How many sessions do you do preparing for your fights ?

Matt Brown: 2-3 per day. 6-7 days per week.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your UFC Debut Bout vs. Matt Arroyo ?

Matt Brown: It was a rematch, I expected for Arroyo to only look for takedowns the whole fight but he surprised me by throwing some punches and kicks. He caught me with some really hard shots. I was able to break him down over the first round and by the second he was not as confident in his stand up and starting to wear down. He ended up pulling guard on me and I got in some good punches from guard and got the ko/tko.

Justin Godsey: Lets jump to current day, What are your personal thoughts on your UFC 145 bout vs. Stephen Thompson ?

Matt Brown: He is by far the trickiest opponent I have faced. I believe my stand up is superior though. He obviously has an amazing kickboxing record but I don’t believe he has ever faced someone like me. I feel that his competition to this point has been subpar and he is taking a big step up facing me and I will be looking to knock him out and give him a proper welcome to the UFC.

Justin Godsey: How are you preparing for your upcoming bout ?

Matt Brown: Going to try to find some good kickboxers. I train with the best Thai fighters in the country but they don’t emulate Thompsons style, so I will try to come across some guys that can emulate him and try to construct a gameplan based on how I do with them.

Justin Godsey: Your wife gave birth to twins in 2010 how hard is it to travel away from your family to make a living in fighting ?

Matt Brown: It’s extremely hard. I miss them even when I go to the gym for a couple hours. As long as I put together some good wins it will be worth it for them though.

Justin Godsey: Is there anything you would like to say to the fans ?

Matt Brown: Please follow me on twitter!

— Personal Questions–

Justin Godsey: What is on your Ipod ?

Matt Brown: I have over 10,000 songs on my iPod. Adding new ones all the time.

Justin Godsey: What is your favorite pre-fight meal ?

Matt Brown: Salmon Teriyaki !

Justin Godsey: What fighter are you very close to in the UFC ?

Matt Brown: A lot of them

Justin Godsey: Do you plan on opening up a gym in at all?

Matt Brown:  Hope to some day, as for now I do not need the distraction as I am focusing on being the best fighter I can be.